Product Description

Water is the source of life.

The safety and quality of water is crucial to human beings. There are different water quality standards and requirements in all aspect of life in modern society, especially packaged water such as bottled water, beverage, and other food industry as well as public catering industry.

How to know the quality of water when you facing up to this transparent substance? SGS—the leader in water quality analysis, assists you in resolving any relevant concerns.

Service Scope

· Whole process water testing for bottled water manufacturer: Original resource, product in process, and final product ( purified drinking water, drinking water, natural mineral water and others)

· Original resource water test for food and beverage manufacturer; In process water test for any quality variation

· Water testing and hygiene managing service for chain catering industry

· Water test for nuisance-free food

· Other tests related water quality

· All safety test on water touching material

Test ability

· Water Microbe test (TPC, Total coliforms, Escherichia coli, etc. )

· The organoleptic and physical parameters test ( pH, volatile phenolic compounds, Anion Wash, etc. )

· Inorganics test of water (nitrate, nitrite, chloride etc. )

· Metal parameters test to water (arsenic, chromium, cadmium etc. )

· Aggregate Organic parameters test to water(COD, BOD etc. )

· Organic ingredient test to water (Microcystin-LR, carbon tetrachloride etc. )

· Pesticides parameters test to water

· Disinfection by-products parameters test (hypochlorite, bromated etc. )

· Disinfectants parameters test (free chlorine residual, chloramines, chlorate etc. )

· Radiological parameters test (α, β, 226 radiation etc. )

Test standard

· Test according to GB, EPA, WHO, IBWA, EU or special requirements from clients.

Qualification of testing labs

· SGS-CSTC food testing lab is one of the lab set by SGS in greater China, which is the first lab recognized by CNAS and CMA simultaneously.

One-Step solution service for Bottled water manufacturer -Audit, training, consultancy, and QIP

· Internal audit, supplier audit and third party certificate service for package water factory to improve competitive advantage of the enterprise.

· Customized QIP and one-stop service.

· Various of training courses such as HACCP, ISO22000, supplier audit and so on.

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