Pesticide Residue Testing

Pesticide Residue Testing

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As we all know, pesticide is a kind of chemical used to kill pests, especially insects. Nowadays, more than 700 pesticides have been used all around the world. It is also a common sense that pesticides are poisonous and their residues do harm to human beings when the concentration is high enough. If a certain pesticide is left over in vegetables, fruits, or meat, somebody could get sick or even get killed due to poisoning. Therefore, pesticide residue has become a highly concerned issue in the field of food safety.  

Recent years, many countries especially developed countries released some related laws and regulations to ensure safe food products to enter into their domestic market so as to protect the local customers.

Since May 29, 2006, Japan has initiated new Positive List System, in which there are more than 50, 000 MRLs (maximum residue limits) have been specified to 799 pesticides. The import and sale of a certain product will be prohibited if the residue is detected to be higher than specified MRLs.

In EU, regulation is released in 2002, in which the production and sale of 320 pesticides are prohibited due to their high toxicity. And accordingly, the sale of products

China also released a standard which is named as Maximum residue limit in food (GB 2763-2005) and the standard started to be effective since October 1, 2006. In the standard, there involved 136 pesticides in different food products. The products will be prohibited if the residue is higher than the specified MRLs.

Together with pesticide residue issues, veterinary drug issues in food are also attracting more and more attention, as the residue of veterinary drugs also do harm to human beings. Veterinary drug residue occurs due to the abuse of antibiotics during breeding and the contamination during production, sale, thus the monitoring and safety check for animal original food have become a must.

SGS pesticides and veterinary drugs residue test service:
Pesticide residue test:
· Multi-residue screening test (more than 400);
· All can be analyzed quantitatively;
· Including organochlorine & pyrethroid pesticides (OCP);
· Organophosphorus pesticides (OPP);
· Carbamate pesticides (NMP);
· Detection limts meet domestic and international standards;

Veterinary residue testing:  
· Chloramphenicol
· Tetracycline
· Sulfanilamides
· Fluoroquinolones
· Quinolones
· Nitrofurans
· Malachite green
· Leumalachite Green
· ......

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