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TN (Tesco Nurture) is set up for enhancing and protecting its brand by England Supermarket Tesco, the unique integrated farm management plan system certification, which is a more strict system certification based on EUREPGAP. The aim is to developing Best Agriculture Practice.

Tesco Certification is developed around 7 pillars, that is,
Rational use of plant protection products
Rational use of fertilizers and manures
Pollution prevention
Protection of human health
Use of energy, water and other natural resources
Recycling and re-use of material
Wildlife and landscape conservation and enhancement

The scheme applies to all fruit, vegetable and salad suppliers to the UK market. Over 7, 600 farms in 41 countries are registered and are working towards Nurture requirements. Tesco is aiming for 100% of suppliers to comply with the scheme by 2007.

Tesco Certification requires suppliers and growers to undergo regular audits, and Tesco requires a third-party audit to apply independent verification of the standards.

Tesco has been working with primary produce suppliers and independent agricultural experts to review the use of pesticides, taking into account best agricultural practices. As a result of examining more than 10, 000 pesticide uses on 90 crops, Tesco has stopped the use of 260 and put in place extra controls on another 570. This has involved working with suppliers outside the EU to bring their standards into line with EU requirements, thus helping minimize the risk of residues on imported products to the UK.

The certification procedure is,
1. The client asks their UK supplier for an electronic Excel 2000 Farm Registration Form to gather necessary and relevant information.
2. Meanwhile, the client should get the approved Plant Protection Product List (PPPL) by AUDAX through their UK supplier at least three weeks before implementing the audit.
3. Certification cost determined by CMI
4. Internal audit performed by applicant
5. After getting the Registration number, the client fills in, signs and stamps the Audit Authorization Form for sending to SGS. The audit cannot be implemented until Cmi releases the Audit allocation sheet to SGS. The TNC Audit Authorization from should be emailed to Cmi not less than 30 calendar days before the date of audit.
6. SGS auditor implements the on-site audit.
7. Follow up the Non-conformity
8. Issue Certificate by CMI

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